About Me

Hi everyone! I'm Kazhy, a twenty-year-old engineering management student from the Philippines who enjoys reading romance, fantasy, adventure, and almost everything in the "young adult" genre, but really, I just read whatever I feel like reading, so from time to time you'll see reviews for classics and adult books.

As I mentioned above, school keeps me busy but I try my best to squeeze in even a little time everyday to read so that I'll be able to post at least one book review every week. I'm also an aspiring writer; I haven't been able to even finish a first draft yet, though - yeah, no luck with that.

Aside from reading, I also enjoy listening to music (different kinds, too, like my book choices), watching movies or TV shows on my laptop, and sleeping. Sleep is fun! And of course, I love buying and covering books. When I buy hardcovers, I cover the dust jackets... OC much? Haha.

I decided to start blogging because I want to, in the future, be able to look back on the memories I have of reading. I've kept some personal blogs before and trust me, it's fun to look back on your thoughts from years ago.

This is it for now then, but I'll probably add more in time. I do hope you'll enjoy reading my posts! ^^


  1. Fellow aspiring writer, here :) I'm still working on the first draft. Keep plugging away at it and you'll get there :) Happy writing and reading!

    Megan @ Writing One Word at a Time and Megz Madd Readz

  2. Fellow Filipina blogger here! ^__^ Sleep INDEED is fun! Ooh I love sleeping! Haha! I'm glad I came across your blog. It's cute and classy. :)

  3. Hi Kazhy! Great blog and nice theme! :)

  4. Wow hi Kazhy! Co-filipino blogger! I am also an engineering student oh shiz :)
    great blog :)

  5. HI Kazhy! :) Fellow filipina blogger! :) And I'm a COE graduate. ;) I did write some short stories too. And more like the PHR kind. :P


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