Rating System & Review Policy

As of January 2014, I am no longer giving half-ratings.

Book may or may not be perfect, but I sure loved it a lot.

I enjoyed this book but I have more than a few problems with it.

Nothing mind-blowing here.

Probably bored me a lot.

What I wouldn't do to get back my time.


Keep in mind the following when sending me a book review request:
- I am interested in YA, NA, and Adult fiction and its sub-genres (contemporary, romance, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, etc.) but even if a book is one of those, I may still decline if it doesn't appeal to me.
- I will not accept review requests for self-published books*, non-fiction, memoirs, etc.

* I only read self-published books that I find by myself, but even then I'm really picky.

I accept ARCs and back titles in hardback, paperback, or epub format. For physical copies, do note that I reside in the Philippines so shipping might be an issue, though I can promise speedier reviews with them than with ebooks. But whatever the format, I will prioritize ARCs.

Reviews will also be posted at Goodreads and Tumblr, and will include the cover, blurb, publisher, release date and number of pages (of the edition that I have), and link to the book's Goodreads page.

I am also willing to host author interviews, giveaways, guest posts, cover/trailer reveals, etc.

E-mail me at: kazhy419@yahoo.com

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