Nov 27, 2012

Author Interview with A.E. Rought + BROKEN Book Trailer

Hi, guys! Today, I'm glad to have A.E. Rought, author of Broken (which comes out on January, 2013 from Strange Chemistry!), for a short interview. Stick around for the newly-released trailer of this Frankenstein retelling!

How did you come up with the idea for Broken?
My plot buddy and I kicked around a bunch of story ideas when I knew I HAD to write something dark and aching and romantic. I wanted to play with a classics revisit for a while, so we started bouncing ideas. I’m not sure which of us mentioned Frankenstein first, but it went kind of wild after that.

How long did it take you to finish the first draft?
About four months.

While you were writing Broken, did you make some major changes from what you'd planned or did it end up the way you'd thought it would be?
There were little revelations while writing, but for the most part, once I had the plot set there wasn’t much straying from the course. A couple scenes got shuffled around for flow, but the finished story is pretty much what I intended to write.

Do you have a favorite and/or least favorite part or scene in it?
Oh! Good question. I have two favorites. One is with Alex and Emma on the catwalk. The other is with Emma and the deer. :D

Who was the first person to read Broken?
Lexie, my plot buddy. I might not have written Broken if Lexie hadn’t said, “I’m going to cry!” I love tears!

What are your writing "rituals"?
I have to have music. There’s a playlist for every book. I also have to have a mug of tea or coffee within reach.

Do you plan on writing another classic retelling?
Well, the future is wide open, so the possibility is there.

Thanks, Ann!

About the author:
Funny: A known introvert and mild megalomaniac — handy because writing indulges both. When not writing, A.E. can be found slaving under the cat’s demands, chasing the laundry, or whipping up really good bad food in the kitchen.

Somewhat serious: Self-proclaimed nerd, A.E. Rought has spent most of her early life in libraries and bookstores. It’s no surprise that she turned to writing shortly after creative arts college. She has novels of varying genres, and different pennames, published since 2006.

Serious-er: A student of language arts, A.E. Rought studied creative writing while attending Grand Valley State University with a focus on languages; French, Russian, and English. Now, married and a mother, A.E. writes from the comfort of home.

Now for the trailer!

And if you're still not convinced that Broken is a must-read, you can check out my review here!

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