Feb 17, 2014

Book Review: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June - Robin Benway

Title: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June
Author: Robin Benway
Release Date: August 3rd 2010
Publisher: Razorbill
Age Group: Young Adult
Source: Bought from National Bookstore
Three sisters share a magical, unshakeable bond in this witty high-concept novel from the critically acclaimed author of Audrey, Wait! Around the time of their parents' divorce, sisters April, May, and June recover special powers from childhood--powers that come in handy navigating the hell that is high school. Powers that help them cope with the hardest year of their lives. But could they have a greater purpose?
April, the oldest and a bit of a worrier, can see the future. Middle-child May can literally disappear. And baby June reads minds--everyone's but her own. When April gets a vision of disaster, the girls come together to save the day and reconcile their strained family. They realize that no matter what happens, powers or no powers, they'll always have each other.
Because there's one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood.
For the record, April, May, & June (the complete title is a pain to type) was in no way mind-blowing, but I enjoyed it a lot because it made me laugh a lot. These sisters have very distinct personalities that made them clash most of the time, and I applaud Robin Benway for managing to make not two, but three characters sound like their own person. Yes, folks, there are three POVs in this book.

Aside from dealing with their newly-reemerged powers whilst coping with their parents' divorce and trying to be normal in a new town and new school, nothing much actually happens in this book, but that's fine because these characters and their dilemmas just entertained me. Their constant bickering bordering on fighting irritated me at one point, though. Like, I have three older sisters and one older brother and I can count the fights I have with all of them every year in one hand. But anyway, these sisters' verbal showdowns were epic laughter moments so even though it slightly got on my nerves, I was still chuckling.
"Look, this is way different," she said as she glared at June. "You have a guy who's coming over to tutor you. I have a psychic vision with no basis in actual reality. There's no legitimate suitor potential."
"Stop reading Jane Austen. You sound like Emma crossed with Star Trek."

My only problem with this book is the lack of explanation on how the girls got their powers and why they had lost them in the first place, because we later find out that they were aware of these abilities when they were kids. There are hints of it being hereditary and only appearing when there are three sisters in one generation, but there is never enough light shed on this aspect.

A hilarious and heart-warming tale about family, romance, and friendship, The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June took me by surprise, and I totally regret letting it sit amongst my other books for months, ignored and gathering dust. I love how we don't find out what the Big Event is until it actually happens, because April's power is mighty reliable like that lol. If you're looking for something light and fun to read on a lazy day, then I can't recommend this book enough!

MY FAVORITE PARTS were May and June teasing April about Julian :))


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  1. 5 stars! That's high praise to give! The premise somehow reminds me of the Powerpuff Girls, but I wish there were more explanation given with regards to how they obtained their powers. I can get pretty annoyed at small details like this haha. Will definitely check this out! Great review :)

    Faye @ The Social Potato


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