Feb 7, 2014

{Cover Reveal} Fifty First Times: A New Adult Anthology

Today, I'm glad to be sharing with you all the cover for this certain anthology that went straight to my TBR list the moment I learned about it.

Oooh. Hot with a capital H.
Title: Fifty First Times: A New Adult Anthology
Authors: Julie Cross (creator), J. Lynn, Molly McAdams, Sophie Jordan, Roni Loren, Tracy Wolff, Lauren Layne, Andrew Shaffer, Cole Gibson, Myra McEntire, Carrie Ryan, Mark Perini, Gennifer Albin, Lisa Desrochers, Hannah Moskowitz, Lyla Payne, Alessandra Thomas, Melissa Landers, Melissa West
Release Date: February 25th 2014
Publisher: Avon/HaperCollins
You always remember your first time…
Fifty First Times is a collection of fictional short stories from a variety of published Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult Romance authors aimed at a New Adult audience. Each story magnifies a moment in two characters' lives that shows the reader their decision to take physical intimacy to a new level, the events leading up to this moment and in some cases, the events that follow.It’s about the couple who decides not to go through with it, the two boys who finally aren’t ashamed, the couple whose wedding night could very well be their last night together, the deaf pair who have no choice but to take body language to a new level, proving that love can exist underneath the external layers of humanity, and of course the two young people fumbling and laughing, getting everything wrong yet making a memory that will never fade.
Tell me this doesn't sound like a recipe for laughter, swoon, and possible disaster. Just. Give me this asap and no one gets hurt. Also, I see a lot of familiar names in that list of authors! Here's what some of them have to say.

What motivated you to join up with other authors for this project? Do you like collaborating with writing peers?
“Well, I started this insane project and was hit over the head with the idea during the Romantic Times convention last year. Luckily, I was in the presence of some amazing authors and able to walk right up and pitch the idea to them. Which is literally what I did, "Fifty First Times, A New Adult Anthology...are you in?" And to my complete surprise, it totally worked. I still can't believe the authors we have onboard. And I can tell you, the stories are just fabulous. I loved every minute of reading them!” – Julie Cross, International Bestselling author of the Tempest Series and creator of Fifty First Times

“A huge motivation was being a part of an awesome group. Plus I was able to give readers a story with Brit and Ollie.” –J. Lynn, #1 New York Times Bestselling author

“I love a challenge, and once the story idea came to me, there was no turning back. Writing it was an absolute blast!” –Melissa Landers, author of Alienated

So, what do you guys think of the cover? Will you be checking out this anthology? (*nudge* You should! ;D)

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