Mar 14, 2014

Mark That Book! {3}

Mark That Book! is my attempt at showcasing my poor photo-editing skillz with gorgeous book covers. Basically, I just play around with them pretties.
This week, I am featuring Liv, Forever and Where You'll Find Me, two books that I really enjoyed and have stuck with me for weeks since I read them - in the latter's case, it's even been more than a month! 

For Liv, Forever, I added a neon tint to the back part because the title on the front part is kind of neon-y (wow my vocab is staggering lol). It took me longer to make the one for Where You'll Find Me because I had a hard time finding fonts that are similar to the ones used on the actual cover, and also because on the back part, I went crazy on the textures - I used four, I think - only to grayscale them haha.

So, how do you think these turned out? I'm personally very satisfied with them! Now I just need to get these printed along with the others I made before so I can hold them in my hands and really feel that they're bookmarks. Anyway, let me know what you think, mmkay? ;D

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  1. I think they all look great! It has a minimalist feel (which I LOVE) and I like what you did with the neon-y stuff (see, I can't describe it either lol) Great post Kazhy! :D

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas


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