Jul 18, 2014

The Books & the Art {5}

The Books & the Art is where I feature whatever artsy stuff that books inspire me to make, and at the moment that consists of storyboards, bookmarks, and wallpapers.

Another Sarah Dessen book, another new love. As if it could have gone otherwise.
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The Book: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
The Art: Storyboard
A Quote: 
"So you don't want me to take you," he said.
"No," I replied. "But I'll meet you there."
Particulars: Diners (the good and the bad kind); a beautiful baby girl; the beach; bikes, and more bikes; all the girly stuff!; coffee by the gallons; accounting by a high school graduate; hotdogs; a laundromat with a secret.

I was enjoying this book so much that I didn't even stop to take notes for a review, so until I re-read it, this post will have to be enough proof of my love for it. Aaaand I am now opening the poll for which Dessen book I should read next! (I've read Just Listen, btw.) Vote in the comments ;D


  1. I really like this feature! It's fun and unique. I haven't read a Sarah Dessen book in so long I don't know what one I would recommend and I don't remember which ones I have read. :/

    Kay @ It's a Book Life

  2. Awesome feature, Kazhy! Along for the Ride is one of my fave Dessen books- probably #3. The Truth About Forever and This Lullaby constantly remain to be the first two, so I definitely vote for those! <3


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