Jul 1, 2014

{A Reader's Digest} June Recap!

June has come and gone, and I'm quite relieved because blogging-wise, I didn't do so well this past month. And I wasn't even that busy! I just felt exhausted most of the time, and even reading books became such a chore that (I think) all I read were review/tour books. But! Right now that's not the case - sure hope this doesn't jinx it, though LOL - and my term break officially starts on Friday, so I plan to get a lot of reading done.

Bloggy Stuff
I read 8 books in June. Eight. Jesus. Anyway, that brings me to 56/100 books read this year. I am disappointed with myself. I did read two of my favorite YA contemps, though: To All the Boys I've Loved Before and Anna and the French Kiss, and oh my Lord I still cannot get over these two books. Where in the world is my Peter Kavinsky and/or Etienne St. Clair? Yeah, and/or. I'd totally keep them both.

Here are the reviews I posted in June: Don't Fall | Girl of Rage | Life in Outer Space | Twinmaker | MELT | Plus One | Say Her Name

Books to watch out for in July
So. Many. Good books are coming out this month! Another reason why I want to find a part-time job - if only my family would agree already. Sigh.

Have you read/will you read any of these books? HAVE YOU FALLEN IN LOVE WITH PETER AND/OR ETIENNE YET?!


  1. HECK YEAH I'M IN LOVE WITH ETIENNE. Although....he was a bit needy. I'm all for Cricket now. OMG, though, Stephanie Perkins is an amazing author and quickly working up on my hey-she-wrote-a-book-so-therefore-I'll-buy-it-no-questions-asked list. x)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

  2. Looks like you had a great June! I'm also looking forward to reading Landline this July, EEEEEPPPPP!!!!!


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