Aug 4, 2014

{A Reader's Digest} July Recap!

Oh, July, what an exhausting and hectic month you were! I applied for a job on the 11th, signed a contract that very same day, and a week later I was in training. I'm a tech support rep in a call center and the account we'll handle is quite complex (for those of you in the US, if you have AT&T U-verse, you might be speaking to me in the near future! ;D), so the hours don't just take a toll on my body, but also on my brain. So. Many. Terms. And acronyms! *dies* But it's been fun because of my wavemates, despite a bit of drama. 

Anyway! I still go to college despite having a nine-hour job, so you can imagine how tired I get, therefore the horrible blogging rut I am in at the moment. Although I try to read every time my eyes aren't threatening to droop shut, it's not enough. Can you believe that I haven't finished a book in more than two weeks?! Jesus. I've somehow adjusted, and I'll try to finish Hollow City tomorrow. I swear I will.

Bloggy Stuff
I didn't realize I read 9 books this July! I seriously thought the number was around 4 o.o Okay, so one of them's a novella and one is a graphic novel, but I still count that as a victory! And that brings me up to 65/100 books this year. I doubt I'll be upping that goal, but we'll see. Lola and the Boy Next Door and Along for the Ride are two books that require re-reading before I'll be able to review them; they're that good <3

Books to watch out for in August
I am particularly excited about Opposition because it's the last book of the Lux series (although I doubt I'll pick it up any time soon because I still don't want to leave Katy and Daemon and the rest of the gang T_T), and Girl from the Well because it was written by a fellow Filipino and it's about Sadako? A retelling of The Ring? I'm not sure, but I want it.

Talk to me about the books mentioned above or give me tips to better manage my time! Because I hate neglecting my blog :c

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  1. Great reading in July! I cannot believe you got all that done with work, school and blogging - crazy town!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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