Jun 22, 2015

A Bookish Day: Leigh Bardugo in Manila!

Just yesterday, I met another author in my long list of favorite authors, but this lady's special because the books she's written are some of the titles I've been reading more thoroughly than usual as part of "learning" how to get my high fantasy WIP just right, so in a way, she's also kind of like a teacher to me. And yes, there were starry eyes involved in my part the entire time we were in the same room. I think I'm starstruck even as I type this recap. Jesus.

Leigh was as animated and hilarious as I'd thought she would be. No minute passed without us laughing as she answered our every question and even indulging Louisse's request of a haiku about Six of Crows. Leigh was able to think of one in less than three minutes; I know I'd have needed at least ten minutes and a lot of quiet lol.

Anyway, my question for Leigh was:
Aside from high fantasy, what genre do you see yourself writing in the future?
To which she said she's already ventured into the horror/thriller and contemporary genres with anthologies, but she thinks everything she'll write will always have some fantasy mixed in because real life can just get so boring. True enough.

  My signed books (yes, that is an ARC of Six of Crows *flails*) + me with Leigh!
When Leigh was about to sign my name on my books she was like, "Is that your real name?" It had totally slipped my mind that she named her main character in her upcoming book Kaz, which is five letters short of my real name, ha. 

A glimpse into some of the books I had her sign:
#1 and #4: I just so love the quotes Leigh wrote!
#2: I'd won this original UK ed from the publisher and it was already signed then, but I just had to get it personalize.
#3: Leigh is now the latest title holder of Awesome Author Misspelled My Name But Everything's Cool :))

And because more people need to experience the amazeballs that is the Grishaverse, I'm giving away a signed copy of Shadow and Bone! Due to shipping costs, this is open to Philippine residents only, though.
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There's another bookish event in two weeks so till then, bookworms! :D


  1. I'm so jealous of everyone who came to the book signing. I would love to have the book signed by Leigh

  2. I want to experience the Grishaverse. I wish I was there.

  3. I wish I got to meet her in person! I have yet to read any of her books, but I can tell I'll absolutely love every single one of her works!


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