Apr 22, 2015

Another "I'm still alive" post. Sigh.

I've been chillin' the past few weeks - or as much as I can, anyway, because man, you haven't experienced summer if you've never felt the Philippine summer heat.

Let's start this catch-up post with cover reveals! I signed up for two in particular but I wasn't able to post on the assigned days because I was too lazy to fire up my laptop. I seriously need to replace this piece of crap.

Bounce is the third book in the Boomerang series by Noelle August. I've only read the first book, Boomerang, but I certainly plan on reading the rest.


Imagine my surprise when I got the email packet for the Every Last Breath cover reveal. Not only did it have the cover for said book, but new covers for the first three books in the series as well! I admit I'm not a huge fan of the original covers, but I sure prefer those over these new ones. Ugh.

Aside from work being stressful as always and trying to read as much as I can, I've also begun writing again. I do it on my phone with the ever-handy Inkpad Notepad app to save time and also so I can write whenever and wherever I want to. And this time I'm working on a YA contemporary that's been floating on my mind for ages. Let's just say it's every bookworm's dream on Valentine's Day ;)

Lastly, I am ending this post with an announcement. I have finally picked the winner for my giveaway! Check the rafflecopter widget to see who the lucky duck is. She's already replied to my email, so no chance of the prize going to another person, heh.

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