Oct 29, 2013

{Blog Tour} Book Review: Strip Me Bare - Marissa Carmel

Title: Strip Me Bare
Author: Marissa Carmel
Release Date: October 7th 2013
Publisher: Self-published
Age Group: New Adult
Source: eARC for blog tour
“I may have had more lovers than you, and I may take my clothes off for countless women, but you are the only one who can strip me bare.”
Do you ever stop loving someone just because they’re gone?
Five years ago Ryan Pierce disappeared from Alana Remington’s life without leaving so much as a post-it note behind. He was the one she gave her heart to, her soul to and her virginity to. So imagine her surprise when she finds him dancing at one of NYC’s hottest male reviews as Jack the Stripper.
Ryan never stopped loving Alana, and now that she serendipitously dropped back into his life, he’s vowed never to lose her again. But being together has its costs, and challenges Alana isn’t sure she can handle. She finally has Ryan back; but how in the world is she supposed to share the love of her life with half of the women in New York City?
If you're reading this in a hurry, let me give you the gist of my review: Strip Me Bare is one of the best NA books I've ever read. If you've watched "Magic Mike", then the story may be familiar to you. Like I had done while watching the movie, I giggled hysterically during the stripping scenes because they were outrageous! But as usual, the book's better, so don't put off reading this if you didn't enjoy that film.

What I loved most about Strip Me Bare were the main characters, Alana and Ryan. When I read the blurb, I expected some irritating push-and-pull to happen between them, but nope, there was none of that here. If I could, I'd give them the "Most Mature NA Characters" award; they were both honest about their feelings and they kept their lines of communication open and sat down to talk about their problems like the adults that they were. Also, they both knew what they wanted in life and worked their relationship around those goals, instead of the other way around. Theirs is probably the healthiest relationship I have ever seen in this genre.

Together, Alana and Ryan really were something, but they stood out just as well when apart. Alana, the aspiring lawyer, had always lived a privileged life, but she was nowhere near spoiled and helpless. She knew how to play her cards and didn't let pride get in the way of getting what she wanted. Ryan, on the other hand, had always been dealt an unfortunate set of cards, growing up with an alcoholic mother and drug-addict brother. But instead of strapping him down, he chose to work hard, knowing he was capable of so much more and deserving of so much better. They're both very inspiring, if you ask me.

Funny, sexy, and touching, Strip Me Bare is the kind of NA that I'd love to see more of: complex and realistic. When I reached the end, I could only ask to know more about Alana and Ryan's 'five years ago', so imagine my glee when I found out that the author's writing that the story! Stripped From You, I am impatiently waiting for you.

MY FAVORITE PART was (oh, this is hard)
"I couldn't decide what to wear so I bought a selection."
"You bought Michael Kors' spring line."
Adorbs, right? :3

About the author:
Marissa Carmel has loved writing ever since a young age. She has a dual degree in History and Political Science, but took as many creative writing classes in college as she could. She spent most of her twenties bartending, which is where she met her husband and a multitude of interesting people. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s hanging out with her family, experimenting in her kitchen or doing yoga on the living room floor.

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