Oct 14, 2013

Multimedia Monday {6}

'Multimedia Monday' is a feature that I created to share with y'all the movies or TV shows that I recently watched or music that I've been listening to—because a great library won't be complete without a multimedia section ;D

It's been more than a year since my last MM post! :o Well, I am the ultimate slacker, so before the lazy bugs get to me, let's go straight down to business! This week, it's all about movies and music; my current TV show craziness shall wait until next week.

I love love love Stephen Chbosky's book, and I'm pretty sure that if it hadn't been him who adapted it to film, it would've sucked. Big time. Everything about this—the actors, the sets, the direction, and, of course, the musicis perfect, and it's just one of those movies that I can watch a hundred times and never get tired of. Not to mention its trailer introduced me to Imagine Dragons! ♥

I learned about this movie when I was newly obsessing over Aneurin Barnard (speaking of, I've yet to watch his other movies because just their trailers are already scary and I don't do well with scary this close to Halloween *hides*) and good God, what a gem this is. It's about a new, risque, English teacher who puts up a play/musical that she wants "Shakespeare and Bowie to be proud of" + the complicated lives of her students. The casting is spot-on, and, like with Perks *points above*, the music is just beautiful. Also, it made me regret not pursuing that 'English teacher' dream of mine :c

Now, this movie I learned about while obsessing over Dylan O'Brien. And hey, it's that girl from The Secret Circle! Anyway, what I really loved about this was Dylan's character: a cute, shy, awkward, AND INSANELY CUTE teenage guy who actually gave a damn about who he would lose his virginity to, unlike most fictional teenage guys on movie/TV.

ASDFGHJKL, THIS MOVIE. It's undoubtedly one of my top five faves for this year because it's fucking brilliant. I love the casting—well, except for Isla Fisher. I don't know, I just don't like her for some reason. Anyway, yay for magicians! The magic tricks in Now You See Me were very well done + the plot was unpredictable and twisty and original + DAVE FRANCO. My fave scene? Dave Franco versus Mark Ruffalo.

Hi tharr, Jamie Blackley, you beautiful creature. And While We Were Here features a ton of cheating, which I highly disapprove of, and unnecessary cheating at that, because if I were Kate Bosworth's character, I would've divorced my husband eons ago. Theirs is the marriage I fear of. Lucky for her, Jamie's quirky, fearless character came along. Aside from the story, the Italian scenery makes this one worth seeing.


  1. Now You See Me is a great movie! Glad you loved it too!

  2. I am in love with this blog feature now. :)



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