Oct 17, 2013

Book Review: The Angel Stone - Juliet Dark

Title: The Angel Stone (Fairwick Chronicles #3)
Author: Juliet Dark
Release Date: September 3rd 2013
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Age Group: Adult
Source: NetGalley
For Callie McFay, a half-witch/half-fey professor of folklore and Gothic literature, the fight to save the enchanted town of Fairwick, New York, is far from over. After a hostile takeover by the Grove—a sinister group of witches and their cohorts—many of the local fey have been banished or killed, including Callie’s one true love. And in place of the spirit of tolerance and harmony, the new administration at Fairwick College has fostered an air of danger and distrust.
With her unique magical abilities, Callie is the only one who can rescue her friends from exile and restore order to the school—a task that requires her to find the Angel Stone, a legendary talisman of immense power. Propelled on an extraordinary quest back to seventeenth-century Scotland, Callie risks her life to obtain the stone. Yet when she encounters a sexy incarnation of her lost love, she finds the greater risk is to her heart. As the fate of Fairwick hangs in the balance, Callie must make a wrenching choice: reclaim a chance for eternal passion or save everything she holds dear.
I have a thing with last books in a series: I avoid them. For as long as possible, I save myself from the grief of having to say goodbye to characters I'd invested my heart into for the length of more than one book. Before today, I've only finished two series, but now I can add the Fairwick Chronicles to that list.

After having her hand forced to cast off her fey friends back to the fairy world, Callie is doing her best to act as guardian over her students at Fairwick College against the new administration that consisted of nephilim and trolls, all while being haunted by the memories of her demon lover and his reincarnations. When she learns of a way to banish these enemies and get her friends back, she dives headfirst into her mission, not knowing that ultimately, she will have to choose between what is right and what she wants.

The Angel Stone kept the Gothic atmosphere and dark humor present in the first two books, but what made this the best book in the trilogy, at least for me, was just how amped up the pace was. New magical creatures were introduced and the real identities of more Fairwick residents were revealed, adding color and variety to the already huge cast of characters. 

As The Angel Stone sucked me in, though, its imperfections started to be seen. The pace slowed down when Callie started looking for the stone, and that really disappointed me because that's the lead-up to the climax—it should have been intense and gripping! Instead, I got bored with Callie's lengthy monologues on her sadness, confusion, and longing.

I admit, what kept me reading this entire series was my curiosity as to how Callie's paranormal love life would play out, and I'd wanted to tell her more than once to damn everyone and everything and just be happy, so The Angel Stone's ending sure made my heart leap. Despite the problems I had, this is a worthy conclusion to this beautifully dark trilogy that I will surely revisit in the future.

"Damn it, McFay, where'd ya get the light saber?"


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