Dec 2, 2013

Book Review: Addicted for Now - Krista & Becca Ritchie

Title: Addicted for Now (Addicted #2)
Authors: Krista & Becca Ritchie
Release Date: November 30th 2013
Publisher: Self-published
Age Group: New Adult
Source: eARC from authors
He's addicted to booze. She's addicted to sex... staying sober is only half the battle.
No. More. Sex.
Those are the three words Lily Calloway fears the most. But Loren Hale is determined to be with Lily without enabling her dangerous compulsions. With their new living situation—sleeping in the same bed, for real, together—Lily has new battles. Like not jumping Lo’s bones every night. Not being consumed by sex and his body.
Loren plans to stay sober, to right all of his wrongs. So when someone threatens to expose Lily’s secret to her family and the public, he promises that he’ll do anything to protect her. But with old enemies surfacing, Lo has more at stake than his sobriety.
They will torment Lily until Lo breaks.
And his worst fear isn’t relapsing. He hears the end. He sees it. The one thing that could change everything. Just three words.
No. More. Us.
I absolutely loved Addicted to You and Ricochet, but it's Addicted for Now that cemented this series as my most favorite NA series. This is also the steamiest NA series I've read. That's mostly due to Lily's sex addiction, and at times I had a pretty tough time figuring out how someone so shy and awkward and adorable could have such a condition. Good thing there are enough answers in this book.

After three months apart, Lo is back, and instead of hiding, Lily now has to face her living, breathing vice. Immediately, we're reminded of how intense their feelings are for each other. They're not just lovers—they're best friends, and them separating was like being torn from one-half of their own being. But now they're together again: two addicts who want to get better for each other. Can't get sweeter than that, right? One minute, they're all sweet and cuddly and hilarious, and in the next, they're tugging on my heartstrings. All the feels, dude.

In the first book, we watched Lily and Lo live with their destructive addictions, but now we get to see them struggle against their old habits. Lily's battle with her sex addiction sure wasn't pretty. The pleasure had always been her safe haven, so working to get her reliance on it out of her system was just a nightmare; I really pitied her and looked forward to the day that she would be free of it. Lo, on the other hand, was obviously one step ahead in the process of getting better, but with all the stress that he had to go through—his own and Lily's because he wanted to be her shield—reverting back to alcohol was just too tempting. I've never felt such extreme need to forget problems like they had, but I can imagine that fighting off those compulsions can be really difficult.

But aside from getting better, Halway—that's what I'll call them from now :3—had another problem: the anonymous texter who was threatening to reveal Lily's addiction to the whole world. Thank God for Halway's ridiculously rich, impossibly smart, and often-positively impatient and hotheaded support group. I sure wouldn't want to mess with any of them. But Rose, Connor, Ryke, and Daisy also had troubles of their own, and the authors did a great job of making me care about all of them, too. I know that's not an easy feat.

Addicted for Now is one monster of a book, but I never once got bored because it was so damn unpredictable. And although the plot was complicated because it wasn't focused on Halway alone, it never became confusing or gave the notion that it was going off-track. The ending was perfect and, like the authors said, wraps up the first arc of the series. Reading books 1, 1.5, and 2 was like watching two seasons of a TV show—I'm imagining that Addicted to You would span the length of the entire first season, and Ricochet and Addicted for Now would be season two—and I'm totally psyched for the start of season three, as in Kiss the Sky, on January!

MY FAVORITE PART was spring break in Cancun. So many laughs from that week =))


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