Dec 6, 2013

Friday Favorites {1}: Book Titles

Friday Favorites is a new weekly feature hosted by The Quiet Girl Talks, where you list your five favorites for each theme.

I'm finally getting to join this! And what better topic to start with than book titles, right? Aside from the cover, the title is often what gets me interested in a book, and today I'm sharing with y'all my favorite book titles ;D

by Anne Blankman
I found out about this book just last week, and the title really reminded me of Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone. It also gave me the impression that the story's some kind of fantasy but no, it's actually historical.

by Jamie McGuire
More peculiar titles came to mind before this one, but I just had to include it because it's also the title of my favorite Kelly Clarkson song (the live version). 

by Libba Bray
When I first read that title, I was like, going what? And then there were the cow and dwarf on the cover and I was even more intrigued lol.

by Beth Revis
Across the universe. Doesn't that just make you think of a Stephen Hawking documentary? (It's this one, actually.) Anyway, I'm fascinated with everything space-y so that title really works for me.

by Morgan Matson
Who doesn't love epic detours? I've read the book, and I can tell you that whoever came up with that title couldn't have thought of anything better.

What about you, guys? Sound off in the comments with your favorite book titles!

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  1. I love these! I haven't heard of Prisoner of Night and Fog, but that's a great title!


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