May 12, 2014

Multimedia Monday {10}

Multimedia Monday is a feature that I created to share with y'all the movies or TV shows that I recently watched or music that I've been listening to—because a great library won't be complete without a multimedia section ;D

"Well, you know us billionaire vigilantes. We do love our toys."
I started watching this last year but I stopped a few episodes into season one. Well, now I've finally finished it! So. Good. The plot is kept tight even as things get messier. I'm waiting for season two to finish airing before I watch it so I can marathon.

I marathon-ed season three a few weeks before season four started, and man oh man this show just gets better! Season three was full of shockers - like book three in the series - and although I don't like how the writers seem to be deviating from the books in the current season, how can I stop watching?

Required Reading: The books, of course.

Announcement of this show's cancellation dropped just last week, and although I'm not too sad about it because I've only been watching it for the secondary ships - as in ships other than the main one - I still plan to finish its first and last season. Gotta have some closure.

Required Reading: Lux by JLA ;D Aliens!

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  1. I'm watching everything you do apart from Arrow. I've never felt drawn to the series. I do LOVE Game of Thrones, and Star-Crossed as well. It kinda makes me scary for the future: will our world be so advance in technology in ten years? It's quite scary.
    I'm really sad for the cancellation, too. In my opinion they're sacking a lot of good series (like Dracula) and keep those who don't have a point anymore (like Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries... no offense, but I stopped watching them because they stopped making sense).


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