May 17, 2014


National Book Store continues their being-bookish-and-lovely streak by bringing two more YA authors to the Philippines - if you don't know who they are, you need to get a smaller rock to hide under. Seriously.

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First up is Jenny Han in June! I really enjoyed the Burn for Burn books which she co-authored so if you're new to her works, those are the ones I can suggest you start with.

And then in July, Stephanie Perkins will be gracing us with her presence! Anna and the French Kiss is still sitting untouched in my shelf because I'm still unprepared for Etienne St. Clair - I hear he's quite the amazing boy - but I guess I'll just have to pick it up soon!

I expect to see your lovely faces in the next two months, fellow Pinoy book nerds! ;D


  1. NBS is showering us with awesome author book signings! I wish I could attend to, although I didn't enjoy AatFK that much, I still want to thank the author for a fluff read :) Haven't read any Jenny Han but I heard that her latest book is worth purchasing and reading!

  2. STEPHANIE PERKINS. *fangirls wildly* I actually haven't heard of Jenny Han though. *hides under rock* But, gah, I love the Anna and the French Kiss series...still can't decide if I prefer Anna or Lola. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!


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