Jun 25, 2014

A Bookish Day: Jenny Han in Manila!

Last Saturday was another addition to the list of reasons why I love Saturdays: I met another beloved author of mine! Jenny Han is every bit as classy and lovely as she comes across online, and I totally enjoyed every minute that I spent in the same room as her. I am so thankful to National Book Store for inviting me to another bloggers' forum during which I asked Jenny one question:
Which of the books you've written is your favorite?
She said that Shug, her first book, and her latest book - currently To All the Boys I've Loved Before - will always be special to her, the way the first and youngest children are special to parents. Sorry, middle kids. (Youngest here, ha.) For a much, much better rundown of the Q&A, you can check out Jesselle's and Kai's recaps ;D

Jenny signing my books + me with her! A friend asked me to get her a signed copy of To All the Boys but the bookstore was out of copies, and I still feel really guilty about it. (If you're reading this, Tricia, I'm so sorry and my love for you is greater than my love for Peter Kavinsky, I swear!)

Thanks to Kai, Kate, and Nina for the photos!
The day was of course made even better because I spent it with my awesome blogging peeps! Such a shame that I had to leave early because of school. Sigh. 

And finally, here are my signed lovelies! The first photo is of my To All the Boys shirt which I would really love to wear again but can't because Jenny's signature is too important to just get washed off. Oh, well. Anyway, I'm currently reading To All the Boys (I'd have finished it in one sitting if not for my mundane life -_-); I plan to marathon the Summer and Burn for Burn trilogies during term break! I read Burn for Burn back in 2012 and loved it so much so you can imagine how loud I squealed when the Ashes to Ashes ARCs that Jenny had brought herself were given out <3

Again, a big thank you to National Book Store for making this amazing event happen! There's another one coming in less than two weeks so see you on another bookish day, bookish peeps! :D


  1. This seemed like a great day! I hope that one day I will experience something awesome like this too! (I still haven't read any of Jenny Han's books though, but I should)

  2. I've only read Jenny Han's Burn for Burn but I'm still so sad I missed out on this. I would have loved to meet her in person since she seems so epic on Twitter. I would have liked to meet fellow book bloggers too. I surely won't be missing Stephanie Perkins' book signing. Glad you enjoyed the event! :)


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