Jun 2, 2014

{A Reader's Digest} May Recap!

I've been wanting to start doing monthly recaps since January of this year but for some reason, I'm only getting to post one now! *glares at busy schedule mixed with procrastinating self* Aside from reading the books I'm supposed to read and review, I had to move into a tiny apartment with my siblings while our house is getting renovated and I'm still not done adjusting to the bathroom being the only place in the house where I can be alone. Seriously. This place is that tiny. And summer in the Philippines, you guys. It's like hell on Earth. When I get home from school, I'm so drained of energy that I barely manage to stay awake for the rest of the day. Ugh. It's also kind of been a sad month for my fangirl self because it's sunk in that I'll be missing the Taylor Swift and One Direction concerts that'll be held here in Manila. Sigh. Sobs. :c

Bloggy stuff
I read 1 novella and 9 full-length novels this past month which brings me to 48/100 books read for my 2014 Goodreads reading challenge! I've been thinking of upping that to 125 books but I'll keep it to a hundred for now.

Here are the reviews I posted in May: The Iron Knight | Scan | GLAZE | Camp Boyfriend | Camp Payback | Infinite Sky | Wings | There Will Come a Time | Played

Books to watch out for in June
In an ideal world, these are the books I'll be buying this month but alas, I'm a poor college student so most of these (probably all, now that I'm staring at my reading schedule) will have to wait until I have a monthly salary I can spend on book shopping.

And this is it for my May recap! Did you guys read anything great this past month? Or are you waiting for the same books as I am? :D


  1. Happy June! and I'm definitely watching out for The Prince of Venice Beach. It looks sooooo good! Also, Don't You Forget About Me, Take Back the Skies and Say What You/ :)

  2. Still have to read Camp Payback, but I'll do that soon! I hope you like the books you are planning to read this month!


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