Nov 11, 2013

Multimedia Monday {7}

'Multimedia Monday' is a feature that I created to share with y'all the movies or TV shows that I recently watched or music that I've been listening to—because a great library won't be complete without a multimedia section ;D
This. Show. I have so much love for White Collar. I learned of it while channel-surfing with my brother, and I remember thinking "YOWZA" when I saw Matt Bomer. That face can bring about world peace, if you ask me. Anyway, I don't watch this just for the eyecandy; the writing is also seriously fantastic. Smart and hilarious dialogue, high stakes, and surprises everywhere. I'm two episodes away from finishing season two and if it's anything like the first season finale, then I'm in for something explosive.

Reign is my newest obsession! It's kind of like The White Queen but less intense and is clearly intended for a younger audience. And it works! (Nevermind the unimpressive ratings.) The actors are fantastic, the costumes are fabulous—I experience gown-lust at least once every episode—and the music, wow. I sure hope The CW won't cancel this one or I'd sadface for days.

I was so obsessed with The Carrie Diaries during its first season, but now, episode two of the second season has been sitting un-watched on my desktop for days. It's funny and entertaining when it tries to be, but lately I've just been marathon-ing White Collar. I shall catch up with the other shows soon!

Ah, this is another show, along with The Carrie Diaries, that I've been thinking of dropping. I have two episodes of this one sitting around and I just have no motivation to watch them! I'm not sure which, but something's not working for Witches of East End. It sure can bring the creeps on, though.

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  1. White Collar is one of my favorite shows and I can guarantee you that each season gets better and better! And I agree with you, Matt Bomer is one sexy sexy man.

    I haven't watched Reign or Witches of East End but I hope to get around to it at some point.


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