Jan 3, 2014

(1/2) In Which I Shall Read All The Books.

I have recently (as in this morning lol) noticed that I have a lot of unread books in my stacks here at home. A lot. More than I thought I had. Some of them have been gathering dust since 2012! It's kind of sacrilegious, I know, and since I want to save up for a bookshelf anyway, I figured, why not read them this year? So here I am, resolving to finally pull them out of their stagnant misery! I have no specific order in mind in which to read them, but I will get to them before 2015 hits.

Grave Mercy was an impulse buy of mine, if I remember correctly. I've heard nothing but good things about it and when I spotted it at the bookstore, all shiny in its hardcover glory, I just had to have it. Seeing as the last book - it's a trilogy, right? - is going to be released this year, I think I'll marathon all three - same goes with Shadow and Bone. I actually started reading it last year but I didn't finish it because it was so freaking good and I knew I'd go into depression if I reach the end and I don't have the next two books in my hands. Jellicoe Road I picked up just a few days ago but, for some weird reason, I couldn't get into it. I think it's something I have to read in one sitting and with my full concentration. I read Throne of Glass early last year and by the time Crown of Midnight was released, I needed a re-read; unfortunately, I didn't have the time. I think I'll read them both in one go along with the novella collection. I got a copy of The 5th Wave because of all the hype but I think I was daunted when I realized how long it is? That rarely happens to me. Anyway, I'll read it once the sequel is out too.

Ah, series endings. I've never been fond of them, so it makes sense that I scrambled to buy Requiem (I even have two copies) when it came out but still haven't gotten around to reading it, right? 'Course it does. Stolen, on the other hand, is a product of my procrastination. I know I'm going to love it so why hurry? But, I know, I'm missing out. Storm and Spark I purchased when I got the third book in the series from NetGalley. That galley has long since expired, and I plan to read all three once I have a finished copy of that one. I'm usually no good with book sales, so A Discovery of Witches is a rarity since I got it at half-price. I hope the same happens for the sequel lol.

I borrowed Pure from my friend months ago (or has it been a year? >_<) but when I learned it's going to have a sequel, I held off reading it. Now, my friend already has a copy of that sequel and I still haven't returned this one lol. I won a signed ARC of Venom just a little after it was released, but I plan to give that away and buy finished copies of the entire trilogy because I bet they're even more gorgeous in hardcover. I think I got Unearthly because I was mourning the end of the Hush, Hush saga (I still am :c) but decided not to read it since the third book wasn't out it paperback yet. But now it is! I'm really excited because I love reading books about angels. Life of Pi is a book I've owned since December 2012 because I wanted to read it before seeing the movie. Well, that's still the plan, only it's a bit delayed. And, like A Discovery of Witches above, I got Why We Broke Up in hardcover for half the price! I even screamed when I spotted it, I think.

This is only the first half of my deadly TBR pile, yet already I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. But oh well, it shall be done! What about you guys? Do you have any books you've long had but still haven't read yet? Share them with me in the comments!


  1. To be very honest, I haven't read ANY of those books. Which is pretty terrible con siding there are so many people that have read these books :/ I think you picked some interesting books that you want to get done before 2015!

  2. Good luck! There's one book that I haven't even finished since June 2013. I should make finishing it one of my book resolutions for this year. =D

  3. I really hope you get to all of these books! I'm ashamed to admit that I have tbr books from years ago. I've always been pretty compulsive about book buying, and it shows.


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