Jan 20, 2014

A Bookish Day: Gayle Forman in Manila!

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to meet Gayle Forman - author of soon-to-be-released-movie If I Stay, its sequel Where She Went, and two books I recently read and loved, Just One Day and Just One Year. Us Pinoy bookworms have National Bookstore to thank for this event ♥

Gayle answering questions during the blogger forum

I have a really bad memory so I can only remember her answer to my question. I asked which of her books were the easiest and hardest to write, and she said (not exact quotes but this should be close enough) If I Stay was the easiest because it was as if Mia's story came to her completely and she just had to write it down. Meanwhile, writing Where She Went, Just One Day and Just One Year was pretty much like pulling out teeth lol. She also mentioned that her next book I Was Here was quite easy to write.

Gayle signing my books and me with her! *spazz*

While signing my books, she talked about how jet-lagged she was, but it wasn't obvious because she was so hyper! She randomly burst out singing Let It Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman? from the Frozen soundtrack. Yep. And now I'm LSS-ing all over again.

photo from Kate

One of my fave parts of going to bookish events is meeting up with my PH book-blogging buddies! So. Fun.

Just a small part of the huge crowd during the signing event! Yep, lots of bookworms in this part of the world ;D I can just imagine how things will go down on April 26...

Lastly, my signed books! I freaked out when Gayle stamped that double happiness sign lol.

And that's it! National Bookstore promised us a book-event-filled 2014, so till next time! :D


  1. Thank you again for inviting me, Kazhy! The event was so much fun and it was great meeting you finally! See you soon, hopefully! :)

    1. You're welcome, Hazel! It was nice meeting you too. And thanks again for the bookmarks! They're so lovely and I'm actually using one now :D See you again in April! (Or March, 'cause I hear there's going to be an event then ;D)

  2. Blogger's forum looks so much fun! Glad you got to interact and ask questions :)
    I didn't notice that she was jetlagged! I was at the book signing till about 9pm and she was really hyper still! :) i loved it when she started singing - definitely one of the highlights of the event.

    Hope to see you future events! Have you heard that Jenny Han is coming in June? :)

    1. Yes, I learned about it last night! I'm so excited! <3 Hope to see you too, Kimi :D


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