Dec 29, 2012

Book Review: Louder Than Words - Laurie Plissner

Title: Louder Than Words
Author: Laurie Plissner
Release Date: December 18th 2012
Publisher: Merit Press
Source: NetGalley
Since the snowy night when her family's car slammed into a tree, killing her parents and little sister, Sasha has been unable to speak except through a computer with a robotic voice. Nothing is wrong with her body; that's healed. But, after four years, Sasha's memory, and her spirit, are still broken. Then one day, she's silently cussing out the heavy book she dropped at the library when a gorgeous, dark-haired boy, the kind of boy who considers Sasha a freak or at least invisible, "answers" Sasha's hidden thoughts - out loud. Yes, Ben can read minds; it's no big deal. He's part of a family with a host of unusual, almost-but-not-quite-supernatural talents. Through Ben's love, Sasha makes greater progress than she has with a host of therapists and a prominent psychiatrist. With him to defend her, bullies keep the world from ever understanding Sasha, he pulls away. Determined to win him and prove her courage by facing her past, Sasha confronts her past - only to learn that her family's death was no accident and that a similar fate may wait for her, in the unlikeliest of disguises.
They say laughter is the best medicine, but what if—aside from a few huffs of air—you couldn’t even laugh?

That’s Sasha’s life, post-accident—the accident that had taken her family and her voice. After four years of psychotherapy, she still suffered from hysterical mutism and retrograde amnesia, and had to choose between pen and paper or her Hawkie Talkie to communicate with others... well, that was until Ben Fisher, cute black-belter and Italian-speaking mind-reader, came complete with nunchucks to save her.

I have to say, I certainly didn’t expect Louder Than Words to be such a fun read. Sure, Sasha was mute and had little memory of her life before the accident, but she wasn’t too down on herself. She was hopeless but positive. I doubt I’m making any sense here, but I really understood her outlook in life because it’s pretty much mine, too.

Now, on to Ben freaking Fisher. I admit, he reminded me of Edward Cullen more than once—probably because of the mind-reading, Roman-god-looks, maturity, and out-of-the-blue chastity—but aside from his special talent, he was very much human. And very much swoon-worthy.

Although it frustrated me (a lot), I liked how Ben prioritized Sasha’s mental health over their relationship, knowing she would never be whole without fully understanding her past, and I liked it even more that, instead of wallowing in grief, Sasha concentrated on getting better.

With the perfect balance of giggles and I’m-suspecting-everyone mystery, Louder Than Words was the complete package, and I would love to pick it up again soon.

MY FAVORITE PART was Sasha and Ben’s date in the city. Swooooooooon.

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