Apr 1, 2014

{Blog Tour} Book Review + Giveaway: Third Degree - Julie Cross


Title: Third Degree
Author: Julie Cross
Release Date: March 25th 2014
Publisher: Flirt
Age Group: New Adult
Source: NetGalley
Fans of Monica Murphy and Tammara Webber will savor this novel about coming of age in the heat of the moment from Julie Cross, the internationally bestselling author of the Tempest trilogy.
I used to be “Isabel Jenkins, child prodigy.” As lame as that sounds, at least it was an identity. But now I’m not sure what I am. I just failed the most important exam of my life—the emotional readiness test required to get into a medical residency program—and it turns out my parents can’t stand each other. Now I’m trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces of my life, and that means re-enrolling as a college freshman, but this time I’m shutting the books and majoring in being eighteen.
But so far, my roommate hates me and I’m not into the party scene. The only good thing about school has been getting to know my insanely hot RA. Marshall Collins makes me wonder about everything I missed while I was growing up too fast. Pretty soon we’re hanging out constantly, but for the first time, I find myself wanting more than a no-strings-attached physical relationship. And the lesson I really need is one Marsh definitely can’t teach me: love. Because I’m going to be alone forever if I don’t learn fast.
Going into Third Degree, I had no idea what to expect because the premise is just so unique. I only knew that I had to read it because Julie Cross, author of the Tempest series which I really love, wrote it and as expected, Julie didn't disappoint.

"You're always observing people, but maybe you're studying the wrong things."
Isabel is the type of character that, if not portrayed well, could be hated so easily, but Julie did a very good job of presenting her character's case that I loved her instead. Isabel's the doctor we all hate, the one who obviously doesn't give a damn about her patients, who's only there to do her job. Her lack of sympathy for what others feel would be infuriating if I were at its receving end but at the same time, it wasn't something I could take against her because she couldn't help but be that way given her personal history. She learned from an early age to distance herself emotionally from everyone to avoid getting hurt, and she never thought it would get in the way of her being a doctor. I really pitied her when she honest-to-God couldn't get along with anyone in her new, trying-to-be-normal life. The struggle was real.

And then in walked Marshall, Isabel's RA. Gorgeous, kind, and understanding, he, on the other hand, is easy to love. Instead of treating Isabel like a nutcase, he agreed to teach her how to interact with other people without driving them away with the smell of her weird, but beneath the happy facade lurked something sad, something that also kept him away from anyone. I was so eager to bring that to light because I wanted to know just what was wrong with him, but when it did... *sadface* Yet that was when Isabel truly shone. With her background, Marshall's issue wasn't enough to drive her away, and seeing them together was truly a delight. They're what each other needs and they knew just how to help with the other's problems.

Sweet, hilarious, and emotional - sometimes all at the same time - Third Degree is a remarkable novel about accepting people for who they are beneath the surface. It was so easy to read this book because it never bored me. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air in the NA genre, then you'll want to pick this up.

MY FAVORITE PARTS were Isabel and Marshall's exchange tutoring sessions <3


About the author:
Julie Cross lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three children. She’s a former gymnast, longtime gymnastics fan, coach, and former gymnastics program director with the YMCA. She’s a lover of books, devouring several novels a week, especially in the young adult and New Adult genres. She’s also a committed (but not talented) long-distance runner, creator of imaginary beach vacations, Midwest bipolar weather survivor, expired CPR certification card holder, as well as a ponytail and gym shoe addict.

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