Apr 10, 2014

Life of a Blogger {7}

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Jessi at Novel Heartbeat where bloggers chatter about random, non-bookish topics. This week's topic is food!

Ah, food. All the flabs on my body prove that I love food, but I also am a picky eater. I don't eat vegetables, and I even joke that I'm allergic to them. (Some people actually believe me until I say I'm joking. *shrugs*) When it come to fruits, I can count with my two hands the kinds that I eat. But I won't dwell on the food I don't like because they are a minority.

I love pastas - except for the green ones because, like I said, I have a thing against green food. But if there's not much of the leafy alien stuff, I won't bother sifting through my food with my fork to remove the veggies and whatnot. Although I do not eat tomatoes. Ever. (But I love ketchup lol.) I also love pizza! But it has to be the oily, I'll-regret-this-when-I'm-old kind, and I almost always get my fix from Pizza Hut.

Chocolates are another one of my major food groups. Japanese brands are my current favorite - Pocky, Yan Yan, you name it, I've probably tried it if it's available here in the Philippines. But I wouldn't say no to Hershey's, Cadbury, Toblerone, Nutella, or even Gardenia's chocolate chip bread, if I'm desperate. I've also had this thing lately for hazelnut; if it's on the menu, it's what I'll get, especially when it's waffles I'm ordering. Yum.

And lastly, ice cream! And milkshakes! I run to Dairy Queen if I just want to satisfy my craving, but if it's an intense craving, I go to the supermarket and get a tub of chocolate ice cream. As for milkshakes, I only go to one place: Bubble Tea. It's a Japanese milk tea place but I never order the simple milk teas; I hate how I can finish an entire glass under ten minutes, so milkshake it is. Bonus points for the ever kawaii JPop playing in the store!

Now I'm hungry. Sigh.


    Now I am really hungry :c Pockkyyy <33 I like Korea's version of pocky: pepero <33
    I loooove all these food, man. Now I am going to check out the fridge, hoping for a miracle called "atleast a bar of chocolate left on the fridge"

  2. Pizzaaaa! And chocolate and ice cream! That sounds like my ideal meal, actually. I'm a pretty fussy eater too, especially when it comes to veg. I like carrots and lettuce, but that's about it. I'm less fussy when it comes to fruit, but I can't say I like tomatoes either. I should feel bad about all the junk I eat, but I really don't. :D

  3. Pizza and Spaghetti are some of my favorites too! I love bread and pasta :) ohhhh, blizzards, I love the cookie dough one!

  4. Ohhhh, i LOVE pizza!! If I didn't end up fat, I probably would eat pizza every single day, hehe!
    We have those chocolate sticks too, in UK (or Italy, for all that matters), but we call them Mikado. I guess it's the same thing, though :)


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